As joyful as it is – life as a new mum can also be tough. You’re learning how to look after this small human you created, your body has been through the ringer and you’re also completely sleep deprived, leaving your emotions all over the place. This is the time to get as much help as you can and make life as easy for yourself as possible.

The good news is that there are some great products that can make those first few weeks a little bit easier. Plus, with the beauty of online shopping, you can order them from the comfort of your nursing chair.

Support your core

It’s not easy carrying and feeding a baby in those first weeks post-birth. Support your core and increase your mobility with a belly band support belt. Safe to wear right after delivery, for both vaginal and c-section births, this belt will speed up your physical recovery and help you move much more comfortably in those early weeks.

Postpartum Recovery Care belt – Mamaway

Make feeding time easier

If you’re giving breast feeding a go, an electric breast pump is an absolute essential. Milking yourself is never going to be one of life’s highlights, so make it as easy as possible. Yes, hand pumps are a lot cheaper, but you’ll be pumping for four times as long, with a hand cramp to boot. In this case, it really is worth spending that little bit more and going electric from the outset if you can afford to.

Double electric breast pump – Baby Heart

Look after your back

Feeding a newborn every 2-3 hours, for up to an hour at a time, will play havoc with your back. A supportive nursing pillow is a must. Whether you are bottle feeding or breast feeding, a nursing pillow keeps baby secure and helps to stop you from slouching – believe us, your back will thank you for it!

Nursing pillow – The Stork Nest

Swaddle sleeping bag

It’s a right of passage as a new mum. You watch the midwife swaddle bub in hospital, and, with muslin cloth in hand, try to recreate it at home origami-style. The result? Your handiwork either falls apart within minutes, or your Houdini-like baby wriggles out of it.

What you need is a swaddle sleeping bag. Safe enough for newborns, not only do these wonderful sleeping bags keep baby warm, but they keep bub’s arms secure. This in turn limits their startle reflex, making them less likely to wake up once you’ve finally got them down to sleep.

Swaddle sleeping bags – Pat Pat has a great range of swaddle and standard sleeping bags in their ‘Baby Gear – Bed’ section.

Keep baby close

Many newborns just want to stay close to you, and, after nine months of growing inside you, who can blame them? Thing is, it isn’t always practical to carry baby in your arms, which is where a sling can help. Babywearing is a great way to keep bub happy and settled, leaving you hands-free, and both parents can share in the baby-carrying duties.

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling – Mamaway