It wasn’t just toilet paper that was hard to get hold of last year. 2020’s lengthy lockdowns year saw shelves stripped bare of home gym equipment as Aussies turned to exercising at home.

If the last few weeks are anything to go by, it looks like lockdowns are still on the cards for the near future. So if you’re still keen to set up a home gym, and if you couldn’t get your hands on fitness equipment last year, the good news is that stores are now well stocked. Order your gear online and you also get the delivery guys to do the heavy lifting, bringing it right to your door.

Resistance bands

Easy to store, cheap and versatile – resistance bands should be a core piece of equipment in a home gym. They’re available in a variety of resistance levels, so you’ll always find an option to challenge you.


Mats play an important role in your safety and protection while you do exercise routines at home. There are two main types of gym mat – yoga/Pilates mats and exercise mats. Yoga or Pilates requires a mat is that is thinner and non-slip, whereas exercise mats are more cushioned and are vital if you’ll be doing floor exercises. Hips, knees, spine—an exercise mat will cushion and support your joints as you do your workout routine.


If you’re looking for dumbbells in a variety of weights that are easy to store, a great option is a cast iron dumbbell set in a case. Cast iron is durable and these dumbbells allow you to add or remove weight plates to change the weight accordingly. A popular set is by Lifespan Fitness, which comes with an option of maximum 10Kg per dumbbell, and the case can slide under your bed or sofa when you’re finished.

Skipping rope

Not just for the playground, if you’re after a serious cardio workout, a skipping rope is a cheap and easy piece of equipment to add to your home gym. Skipping is a full body exercise, burns up to 1600 calories an hour, and feels waaaaaay harder as an adult than it did in your school days!


If space allows, and you’re serious about strength training, a bench is a great home gym investment. A bench isn’t just for dumbbell or barbell presses – it will save your knees, providing you with a sturdy surface for exercises such as rows or dips, and give you a greater range of motion, improving your mobility and challenging your body in new ways.

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