To enhance the MyShoppingCarte site we are securing a deal for discounted gift cards for a broad range of popular retailers.

Major stores who offer gift cards directly can take between 3 hours and 2 days to appear digitally in customers’ emails. We will be partnering with a global company – BlackHawk Network – who has taken this to another level by providing the gift cards immediately (instant gratification) to the consumer. Our partnership will take this one step further – by providing gift cards immediately into the email AND at a discount.

There is still some technical work to do to load and track this offering on the site, and yes, we generate revenue from gift cards as well. It will be an exciting proposition for customers to learn that you can join the site for free and get discounted cards.

To get an idea of what brands and stores are included in the gift cards, please visit Ultimate Gift Cards

The expected release date for Gift Cards is 5th October 2021